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Undercover ATF agent and federal task force officer testify in second day of first Twin Peaks trial

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An undercover agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms or explosives was the second person to take the stand in the first trial of a biker indicted in the 2015 Twin Peaks shootout on Thursday.

Christopher Jacob Carrizal, president of the Dallas chapter of the Bandidos, was indicted on one count of directing activities of a criminal street gang and two counts of engaging in organized criminal activities for the shooting that took place more than two years ago outside of the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco. Nine bikers died and dozens were injured.

An ATF agent who said he has 30 years of experience with outlaw motorcycle gangs after infiltrating three of them stated the Bandidos is the largest outlaw motorcycle gang in the U.S. and is the dominant group in Texas.

When asked the source of the information by defense attorney Casie Gotro, he said it came from law enforcement.

During his testimony, he added the territory and their control is very important to the outlaw motorcycle gangs. He said the patch and the gang are priorities to members.

Gotro questioned his testimony asking whether he had ever infiltrated or worked undercover with the Bandidos and he said no.

Doug Pearson who is an Aurora Police officer and a federal task officer with the ATF said he has obtained information about the Bandidos from current and former members.

He said they are active in 17 different states but Texas has the most chapters.

Pearson said the Bandidos have been the only ones wearing a patch at the bottom of their vests with the writing Texas on it because that was their territory. However, the Cossacks started choosing to wear the bottom rocker. He said in his opinion, he believes that contributed to the Twin Peaks shootout.

McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna said during opening testimony, the Twin Peaks shootout resulted from a conflict between the Bandidos and Cossacks that had been brewing for over a year. He said the Cossacks did not ask for permission from the Bandidos to exist and harassed members or supporters of the Bandidos.

The testimony from the experts was stopped several times due to objections from both sides. 

The trial is expected to resume on Thursday at 9 a.m.

Carrizal could face up to life in prison for those charges.

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