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Credit card skimming device found at McGregor gas pump

(Source: McGregor Police Department) (Source: McGregor Police Department)

The McGregor Police Department said a credit card skimmer found inside a gas pump.

Police were contacted by a local convenience store about a suspicious device found inside of the gas pumps.

When officers arrived, they discovered it was a credit card skimming device that had been placed inside the gas pump.

This particular device is placed internally and once a card is placed in the card reader the information can be obtained via cell phone blue tooth.  

The device is not visible from the outside of the pump. 

The McGregor Police Department encourages people to do a visual inspection of the pump to ensure the red security tag and the lock have not been compromised.

 If these items appear to be damaged or missing notify store management immediately.

There are also skimming devices that attach externally to the card reader. We also encourage customers to do a visual and physical inspection of the card reader. 

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