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Answers wanted for phone, internet outages

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A Central Texas city is no stranger to phone and internet charges and city leaders and business owners want answers. 

This is the fourth time this summer the city of Lampasas has gone without phone and internet services, this time for almost 24 hours. 

Lampasas regained Internet and phone access Thursday morning around 10:45 after being without since Wednesday afternoon around 12:30.

The City of Lampasas believes the loss of communication services was due to a cut fiber optic cable, but it hasn't been confirmed. 

"It's frustrating that Lampasas doesn't matter enough to AT&T, that our businesses, our economy, when it goes down like this, it's not important enough to them to then go in and try to provide better service to us," Mandy Walsh, the Economic Development Director for the City of Lampasas, said. 

Since the end of May, the City of Lampasas has suffered from phone and internet outages numerous times. 

"It's ridiculous at best," Christian Toups, former Mayor of Lampasas and now the owner of Toupsie's, said.  

"We have a diesel parts manufacturer that, for example, loses on average about sixteen to eighteen thousand dollars a day when they go down," Walsh added.  

"Internet is down, cash or checks only" were signs plastered over the city of Lampasas. 

"Eight-five percent of my transactions are credit card. When you see money walking out of the door, that's very frustrating," Toups added. 

But, Toups realizes the issue isn't only for businesses that lose out on customers. It's public safety, too. 

"It just takes one time for somebody to not have communication and die because they couldn't get in touch with anyone," Toups said. 

"The only solution I see to this problem this time is getting a lawsuit put together... get a petition, get some local businesses on that lawsuit and file a lawsuit against AT&T, the companies that are responsible for cutting these lines... if it's multiple, it's multiple. But, somebody needs to answer, somebody needs to help return the revenue to the City of Lampasas," Toups added.

Lampasas city leaders said they have yet to hear from AT&T regarding this recurring issue... saying they feel left in the dark. 

News Channel 25 also spoke with AT&T this afternoon. They told us weren't sure if they had reached out to the City of Lampasas to provide an update, but they did acknowledge the issue.  

Lampasas' Economic Development Director Mandy Walsh added these types of recurring outages handicaps the city in terms of growth and new businesses potentially moving to town. 

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