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How to report suspicious terrorist or criminal activity in your neighborhood

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With the recent terror attacks in the streets of London, to the mass shootings in our nation, being vigilant now is more important than ever.

Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. D.L. Wilson said there's a way we can all do our part to keep an eye out: through the iWatch program.

"It's mainly for partnership of community and the police officers. We want people to be aware that things are out there," he said.

It's simple to use, and it only takes a few minutes. Just log on to and fill in the information it requires. If you have a smartphone, you can submit a tip through the TxDPS app. You can also call 1-844-643-2251.

The thought of terrorism lingers in the minds of Lauren Moore and Christopher Collado. They're getting ready for their wedding this weekend.

"I feel scared when I think about raising my children in a world where that's a possibility. Back when my grandparents were growing up, that wasn't a concern," Moore said.

When News Channel 25's Pattrik Simmons mentioned the iWatch program to them, they had no idea it existed.

"This is a good way to get people involved. I think vigilance is the key," Collado said.

Sgt. Wilson hopes you'll say something if you see something.

"One little phone call or one little report to iWatch ... it might stop a major event," he said. "We take care of our own state, so let's step up and do the iWatch and get some things reported that need to be reported."

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