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CDC warns people about increase in waterborne virus in pools

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As temperatures rise, so does the urge to jump in the pool - but the Center for Disease Control is warning people to be careful in the water this summer. 

This comes after the CDC reported that within the last two years, there have been an increase in the number of people who suffered from the waterborne virus known as Cryptosporidiosis.

However, local doctors and city officials said there are ways you can protect yourself.

When going for a swim, the last thing most people think about is getting sick from chlorinated water, but Dr. Frank Betanski from Baylor Scott & White said there are parasites that can live in these extreme conditions that can make us sick.

“Tiny parasite that have the ability to live in chlorinated waters. Whenever we use chlorine to disinfect pools it's one of the very few things that can live inside,” Betanski said.

According to the CDC, these parasites can cause the cryptovirus which can lead to upset stomach, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.Those symptoms could last longer than a week. Some ways to avoid spreading or contracting the virus starts with not allowing your children to get in a pool if they are sick, or have recently been sick in the past few weeks.

Temple Parks and Recreation’s Aquatics Coordinator Keith Dawson said that's why their facility works overtime to make sure their pools stay clean. 

"We have several layers of protection starting with making sure parents have their children wearing swim diapers if they're in diapers still,” Dawson said.

Dawson also said they take samples of the water before they open and every two hours to measure the amount of germs in the pool, while using a U-V system to help kill other germs.

“ So the UV system it actually keeps the germs from spreading into more germs it denatures their DNA so they can't reproduce,” Dawson said.

Doctors said to help prevent the spread of this virus, parents should advise kids not to drink a lot of pool water for any reason, and they should refrain from buying pool toys that encourage drinking.

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