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Waco Police can move forward with body camera proposal


The Waco City Council gave the unofficial go-ahead Tuesday to the Waco Police Department for body cameras.

After studying other department's programs, and meeting with an industry consultant, Waco Police Chief Ryan Holt presented those findings to the city council Tuesday.

"We've purposefully slowed down the process a little bit because we were waiting for the legal issues, privacy issues to be settled out in court," Holt said.

Holt said the body cameras will benefit both citizens and officers.

"It provides an unbiased look at all the interactions between our officers and our citizens," Holt said. "It's mostly pros but the cons are that it's very expensive."

Holt said that even though body cameras would be great for the department, the biggest obstacle would be paying for them. Buying cloud storage and hiring people to manage the data are among the many costs of implementing the new program along with buying body cameras for all 247 officers in Waco PD.

"So we don't have that issue of the event occurring and the one officer that's there is the one that doesn't have the video camera," Holt said.

Despite the price tag, Holt said he believes that the body cameras will promote trust between police and the people they protect and serve.

"We feel like the body cameras will enhance our relationship with the community," he said.

Holt is now working on a plan to pay for the new body cameras to present at the next city council meeting. If approved, Holt said he would like to implement the program by the fall.

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