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Family takes action against KISD elementary school


A set of Killeen ISD parents says their son was mistreated during P.E at Fowler Elementary.

Alexander Fuentes broke his arm while playing soccer over the weekend and was sent back with a doctor’s note excusing him from recess and P.E.

One KISD coach ignored those restrictions and made Fuentes participate in “FitnessGram” exercises, resulting in his fingers swelling out of his cast.

The mother said the coach then told the parents she has been a coach for 30 years and "knows what a kid can and cannot take".

Alexander’s father, Giovanni Fuentes wrote this letter to the Killeen ISD school board:

My son Alexander Fuentes (9 year old) had a compound fracture of both bones in his left forearm while playing in a soccer Tournament at Lion's Park on Monday, March 6, 2017. He was placed in a temporary cast to allow the bones to have the proper time to align and heal. We were given a doctor's note that I hand delivered to Dr. Fowler Elementary school on Tuesday March 21, 2017. I informed the staff members in the front office of his conditions and highlighted he was not to attend PE or recess as instructed by the Doctor in the note. This note, in accordance with the principal, was distributed to the teachers and the PE staff; whom acknowledged the receipt.

Alexander returned home on March 22, 2017 with his fingers swollen. When asked by his mother, he stated he was instructed to perform 3 exercises during PE by the instructors for the Fitness Gram Test. Alexander stated, when his name was called in front of the other kids he informed the instructors his arm was broken (hence the large orange cast). One teacher instructed him to then take a seat, while the other told him he will perform some of the exercises. He was forced to perform exercises 3,4 and 6 as illustrated in the Fitness Gram Test.

On March 23, 2017, I spoke in person with the principal of Dr. Fowler Elementary school as she confirmed the actions of her staff members, the exercises he was forced to perform and acknowledge staff members receipt of the doctor’s note prior to him attending PE. I then informed her out of respect, I was going to ensure this action was addressed to the KISD Board. She stated she will look into this action and make changes to her current policies.

Upon departure from the school I received a call from Ms. Key one of the PE instructors. Ms. Key stated she has been a teacher for 30 years and knows what exercises she can and cannot use and wanted to show me the exercises she had him perform. I informed her she is not a doctor and our conversation was over. Unknowingly to her, she got off the phone without disconnecting the line. I heard her express a few vulgar words to another staff member in reference to the doctor’s note.

Alexander was approached in the hallway alone while walking to his first period class by Ms. Key. She told him she did not know he could not do anything after a few other words he could not recall. Again, I will personally ask that this individual keep her distance from my child unless it is in a professional manner while performing her job as directed in the capacity of the Physical Education Department instructor and in the

capacity of other children. These actions are not what is expected from a public servant; someone we entrust our children with. It is a blatant act of intimidation and bullying; he is a 9 year old child with a broken arm.

I am elevating these actions to this level, as I have not received any response from the district on the initial allegation. More important; last week Ms Key once again taken the liberty of continuing to taunt my child. She entered his music class calling out names for the FitnessGram Test. She called him out again; knowing he cannot perform these exercises, as he is now in a new cast, mocking stating “ I’m sorry you cant do anything”. My assumption is at this point, she may believe she is in charge of this school system; or she seem to believe she is untouchable, and I would like to know how long these action will continue to be tolerated. I refuse to stand by and allow another child, let alone my own to be humiliated, bullied and disrespected by someone in their care.

2. I firmly believe the Principal is trying to do her best to control her staff and what is right for the children in her care. As in many organizations, you have individuals that feel that their time in the workforce outweighs their supervisors and take it upon themselves to make decisions beyond their scope of control. I believe that we share the same method when the citizens of this great nation choose to trust their children in our care. As Soldiers, we should have the same obligation to trust that they will be protected and not abused to prove a point. As Alexander, or any other child that enters the doors of the school department in this or any other district, we should feel that sense of

“Why would this individual put my son on the floor face down and make him twist his cast behind his back and put him in pain," Jessica Fuentes asked.

Alexander Fuentes is in fourth grade at Fowler Elementary and After breaking his arm at a soccer tournament, his doctor gave him restrictions on his activity restrictions that his mother says one P.E coach decided to ignore.

“She just said that she didn’t think the exercises were too severe for him to do.” Jessica Fuentes said. “I express my complete lack of confidence of their abilities to care for my child while in school.”

Alex's dad says not only were the exercises too much, but they should have never taken place.

"You're there to conduct exercises and make sure students are doing them properly but if an individual is hurt and has a doctor's note when he raises his hand to say I have a cast on it should have been the end of the story," Giovanni Fuentes said.

The fuentes’ say after reaching out to the principal and getting no help they have taken matters elsewhere.

“I filed a formal complaint with the office of civil rights and it went through to Dallas and there is an attorney with the department of education who will be doing an investigation,” Jessica Fuentes added.

News Channel 25 reached out to KISD who responded with this statement.

"All reports involving the safety of students are taken very seriously. An investigation ensued immediately after these allegations were reported to campus administration. Appropriate personnel action was taken as a result. Student and personnel matters of this nature remain confidential as a result of state and federal law. Thus, further details may not be provided by the district at this time."

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