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Teen does 'promposal' without actually speaking


You might remember Jacoby Burks. News Channel 25 introduced you on Monday to the 18-year-old who can't walk or talk. That didn't stop him from popping the prom question. It's a story you'll see and read only on News Channel 25.

Burks asked Kristin Lookingbill, 17, to prom at Midway High School during lunch.

On a stage surrounded by parents and aides, he used his Tobii Dynavox device to say the words. It's the only way he can communicate. It took him a moment to focus on the words, but when they finally came out - "Will you go to prom with me" - the cafeteria erupted in cheers.

"It was really nice just being able to see Jacoby wanting to take a date to prom," said Jacoby's mother, Latricia Burks.

"When they asked me if she could go, it just blew me away. I was like, really?" said Kristin's mother, Charlotte Lookingbill.

The promposal is a unique one for sure made even more special by the couple, who are both seniors. Kristin has brain damage and seizures from an illness when she was a baby. Jacoby has cerebral palsy because his mom received a botched high-spinal epidural during labor.

It was an emotional and heart-warming moment for everyone, especially Latricia and Charlotte, who became teary-eyed talking about it.

"It was just exciting. It was exciting for us. It was exciting for the kids. It was just a big moment," Charlotte said.

That's because there was a time when the moms of both thought the moment would never happen.

"You always think I'm never going to see her do that," Charlotte said. "It's really exciting to see her be able to do that and be a part of that."

Now that Jacoby and Kristin will be a part of prom, their moms have a lot of preparations to do.

"From here, it's time to look for a tuxedo and, of course, she's going to be looking for a dress," Latricia said.

Jacoby and Kristin will go to the Midway High School prom on May 20.

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