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Baylor officials are promoting health and wellness in the workplace

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When it comes to your work space, exercise typically isn't the first thing your employer worries about.

However, some companies are trying to change that by finding more ways to incorporate fitness into the office - Baylor University is one of those organizations helping to promote change.

University officials are promoting a healthier lifestyle within the work place by measuring 100 professionals throughout campus who are using a standing work desk.

Traditionally, sitting for hours at a computer screen has been considered the norm in the workplace, but some new trends are promoting a healthier life.

Professor Renee Umstattdmeyer said standing while performing daily tasks has been proven to promote health.

“There is a lot of evidence to support that some of our bigger muscle groups activate longer when we're standing verses sitting,” Umstattdmeyer said.

Dr. Cindy Wu and Professor Renee Umstattdmeyer are two of the main officials conducting the study. They’re evaluating categories like health and wellness, work performance and individual behavioral change as it relates to work motivation.

"I measure the employee’s day to day throughout the day when their standing verses sitting after a certain period of time they fill out a short survey and tell me how they feel," Dr. Wu said.

One professor who is a participant in the study said after using her standing desk for around eight months, she’s already found it to be extremely beneficial by strengthening her posture, mood and focus throughout the days.

“I felt I had a lot of afternoons especially where I felt really fatigue and I thought standing and mixing it up with standing might help that and it has. Just my body feels better in terms of feeling energized and I feel healthier overall,” Professor Sara Perry said.

So far researchers are still collecting data but that doesn't limit the positive changes they've seen already. 

Umstattdmeyer said the body is likely to developing different illnesses that can arise from sitting all day, but standing up could help combat some of those issues. Therefore, research shows it is healthier for people to stand rather than sitting for a long period of time.

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