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Child with rare syndrome meets adult living with same syndrome

Source: Buddy's Go fund me page Source: Buddy's Go fund me page

We've told you the story about a young boy, Justin “Buddy” Finger Jr., who suffers from Sturge-Weber Syndrome.

Recently, Buddy was introduced to his very own Sturge-Weber Syndrome "Buddy", Jason Fedelem.

"It is something that is completely random. it is not hereditary," said Jason Fedelem, an adult with Sturge-Weber Syndrome. 

Sturge-Weber Syndrome although uncommon is a now commonality between two Central Texans.

Jason Fedelem and Buddy Finger didn't know each other existed until News Channel 25 told Buddy's story on Sunday.

"His mom told me before we met that he asked her 'is there anyone else that looks like me?' you don't want to be the only one of something, right? the look on his face was on of complete surprise and that was fun to see that yes there is someone out there that looks like you," Fedelem said. 

Jason says Sturge-Weber Syndrome can also be referred to as a bad DNA copy.

This bad DNA copy creates a number of symptoms like seizures, impaired vision, and port wine stain on the face.

"For him to be apart of buddy's life is amazing because when he saw him he fell in love with Jason he was like woah he has a birthmark," Jessica said.

Buddy wasn't feel well enough for an on-camera interview, but he was able to Facetime us with his mom and they both told us all about his new-found friend.

"He has opened up a door of confidence to my son because he is starting to realize that he does have this on his face and that he looks a little different," said Jessica.

Now, thanks to Jason he's not so different because Buddy has that and much more in common with Jason.

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