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Woman says package missing after postal worker dropped it off at wrong address


Most people think shopping online is convenient, but one Central Texas woman recently found how big of an inconvenience ordering online can be.

Tasha Ford said her daughter recently ordered a swimsuit from a website online, for a spring break trip, but that package never made it to their door.

"My daughter had ordered a swim suit from Lane Bryant," Ford said. "We thought it was coming FedEx... [but] FedEx outsources their packages to the post office, and that's where the problem came in," she added.

Ford said they expected the package to arrive on last Monday, but that didn't happen because of a big through the United States Postal Service.

"She had received a confirmation and they said that the swim suit would be here on that Monday," Ford said. "I went to the Highland Post Office to check if something had happened or if it was still at the post office... they said that it had been delivered but it was delivered to the wrong address."

The mother said her daughter's swimsuit had been delivered to the wrong address, and she's been trying to get the post office to help her with the issue ever since.

"The postman went back out to the house and he left a note because no one came to the door... [the supervisor]  came out to the address that it was delivered to, and she said the same thing -- she knocked on the door, nobody came to the door, so she left a note."

Ford said after those efforts. she expected the USPS to compensate her for delivering her package to the wrong house, but she said she was told that it was no longer their responsibility.

"She [the supervisor] proceeded to tell me that the post office is not liable for a package - I mean - if it's lost or if they deliver it to the wrong address, they are not liable for it," she said. "The only thing that they could do is print me out something saying I didn't receive the package and I would be responsible for contacting the vendor."

Ford said dealing with this situation makes her look at USPS in a whole new light.

"With the price of stamps going up and everything, and then for them not to deliver your mail to the right address, and not be responsible for it -- I don't think that's fair," she said. "I just feel like the postal service is failing us somewhere and I just I don;'t feel comfortable putting anything in the mail anymore."

A spokesperson for USPS released the following statement regarding Ford's missing package:

“We are concerned by our customer's report of a mis-delivered package and want to assure her we are making every reasonable effort to retrieve her mail and correct as many causes as possible.  We know that errors caused by human mistakes cause our customers undue inconvenience and we work hard to keep such errors to an absolute minimum. 

“We are continuing our efforts to retrieve the customer's package. Our customer's concerns have been brought to the attention of the Postmaster and other appropriate postal managers for further review. If our efforts to recover our customer's package are unsuccessful within the next 24 to 48 hours, we will follow up with the customer and make every reasonable effort to amicably resolve the matter.  Every effort will be made to serve our customer's future needs in a manner more consistent with her expectations of our standards.”

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