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Coach's mistake disqualifies teen from powerlifting competition


The last opportunity for Central Texas teens who powerlift to compete for a chance to make it to regional has come and gone - and one freshman says a coach's mistake took away her opportunity to advance in the sport.

Alyssa Arnold is a freshman power lifter at Copperas Cove High School. She said she had not competed all season up until the last meet because of an injury.

"I though that I would make it really far in powerlifting, still, coming back from an injury," Arnold said. "I'd go to practice and I'd work out to get back to where I was."

The teen showed up to the meet at Midway High School on Thursday, Feb.16 and said she ranked in the competition. 

"I was excited I was happy that I'd go to regional," Arnold said. "You just gotta work hard for what you want."

Although Arnold put that work in, what she wanted was taken away from her because a coach who kept score at the meet did not turn the scores in on time, thus nullifying her scores.

Fred Howard with the Texas High School Women's Powerlifting Association said that typically, coaches have to submit the scores by the Monday following the meet, but that because this was the last meet before regional, the scores should have been turned in the following Saturday by midnight.

"The school that hosted the meet has to meet a deadline for last qualifying weekend as outlined in our rulebook," Howard said. "The scores are null and void because they were not submitted before the deadline," he added. 

Howard said the coaches have several resources to refer to if they are confused, so the scores that Arnold would have gotten will not go down in the books. 

"Each rulebook is online for both the boys and the girls association, and if you have any questions each regional director for you is available to you via email and even phone messages," Howard said. "I feel sorry for both the coach, the school and the kids involved but we have to abide by the rules."

Alyssa Arnold's dad Tank Arnold said he's very disappointed that his daughter's chance at regional were taken away because the coach did not turn in the scores on time. He said if he had it his way, his daughter would get a second chance. 

"I just think that the kids shouldn't be faulted for an adult's decision," Arnold said. "This is a landmark that's being taken away from her... I think they should let them in -- I think they should let them repeat."

Arnold said even though Howard said the association is sticking to the rules, he and his daughter will continue to train and prepare for next year. 

"This is going to drive her to be the best that she can be, because she has a lot of potential," Arnold said. "There's nothing that can stop her so I think she can do what ever she wants to do."

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