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Central Texas family needs your help

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 Morgan Johnston is a freshman at OU. She checks her blood sugar 7-10 times a day, but while she sleeps she can still lose a hard-fought battle.

"I've been Diabetic for a really long time so it's one of those things that I have definitely gotten use to, but it never really gets easier," Morgan Johnston said.

"She has confided in me that her blood sugar has been dropping dangerously low at night and it's starting to scare her," Morgan's mother, Pam said.

Morgan told her mom that fortunately she has been waken up by her body because unfortunately that's not always the case.

"There is a lot of diabetics that it doesn't wake them up and they slip into a diabetic coma," Pam added.

Pam has set out on a mission to make sure that her daughter is always aware of her blood sugar levels.

"We went to Lonestar Diabetic Alert Dogs and they had a new dog that had only been there a month and this dog just took to Morgan," Pam said. "It would be a blessing if we could get this dog for her."

Levi could one day save Morgan's life, but for now he gives her hope for a better future.

"It would bring me piece of mind because if I'm asleep and my blood sugar is too low or too high and he could tell me before I even realize," Morgan said.

The family is very excited for the new fur-member, but they are asking for your help.

"We would love to raise 10,000 dollars," Pam said.

If you would like to help you can go to Morgan's Donation page

You can also contact Pam at pmjtexas@grande.com.net

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