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Wilbarger General Hospital excited for recent growth


Over the last several months, Wilbarger General Hospital’s focus has been growth not only in the patients but in employees.

Claudia Eisenmann joined the hospital in 2015 as the new CEO with big plans to expand what they had.
“It's an extremely exciting time for us and we're just thrilled to be able to kind of present this news to the member of our community,” said Eisenmann.

After assessing where the hospital was during that point in time, she came up with a plan of growth that involved more people and new jobs.
“We became very aggressive recruiters of new physicians and new nurse practitioners that we could bring into the community,” said Eisenmann.  “We’ve been extremely successful with that strategy.
One of those new physicians is Vernon native, Travis Lehman.
“Growing up here I saw what the hospital was and it was pretty stagnant for a few years,” said Lehman.  “Recently with the expansion of everything it's great that now we can take care of people here in town.  It was something I really wanted to be a part of and try to advance the hospital forward.”

“We expanded in the rehab area and brought in more therapists for our rehab department in addition to that we really moved aggressively in the cardiac area,” said Eisenmann.  “We created a specialty service for people who cardiac services we wanted them to get the rehab locally and that program has been wildly successful.”

Kimberly Babb is coming to Vernon as a nurse practitioner.
“That would be neat to get in the bottom of everything and help build it up to where they want it to go,” said Babb.

John Leng, the newest general surgeon moved to Vernon from Alaska with his wife.
“You see the dedication in the employees it's more than just a job it's a family,” said Leng.  “Everyone is really pulling together.”

The staff hopes with an increased amount of services they offer that will bring more patients to the hospital.

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