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Waco responds to lawsuit over plans for new landfill

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The city of Waco has responded to a lawsuit filed by the Citizens to Save Lake Waco attempting to stop plans for a new landfill. Earlier this week, an injunction was filed by Citizens to Save Lake Waco in the 414th district court to block the landfill. 

City Attorney, Jennifer Richie, released a statement to the lawsuit saying, "The City has not breached any contract with the plaintiff.  The City plans to seek a permit for a new landfill which is in the best interest of residents of Waco and the surrounding communities."

Waco Attorney, Billy Davis filed the lawsuit on behalf of the groups stating the landfill is a breach of contract. "The city of Waco in 1992 signed an agreement to its existing landfill with the Citizens to Save Lake Waco that it would not expand it's boundaries," he said.

In August, Waco City Council approved a new landfill, to be built near the already existing site. The city purchased over 200 acres of land next to the already existing landfill off of Old McGregor Road and Highway 84. Davis describes the city's approach as clever," They called it an expansion. They don't want to use that word now, they say it's a new landfill, with a new permit."

In the original agreement paragraph four says, "Waco agrees that it will not expand beyond it's current boundaries." In documents submitted with the lawsuit is a flyer for a public meeting in 2006 held by the City of Waco. In the meeting subject it states, ' learn about plans to expand our landfill."

Davis said many of the reasons for opposing the landfill in 1992 are still relevant now. "The concern always was the proximity to the South Bosque River which feeds into Lake Waco, which is the water source for everyone in Waco. The land that they've purchased gets them even closer to that water source.

The city says the landfill is necessary as they expect the current landfill to reach capacity in just eight years. Despite the growth of the city and need, Davis said it's important that Waco keeps their word.

"They may need a new landfill somewhere else, that is not close to our water source," Davis said.

A judge and jury will decide whether plans for the landfill will continue.

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