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Central Texans show support for local mosque

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Some Central Texans showed support for the local Muslim community by setting up a memorial at a mosque.

Al Siddiq is the president of the mosque and he said that recent events -- like President Donald Trump's and the Iran's travel bans -- and a mosque mysteriously catching on fire in Victoria, TX -- have opened his eyes up to how some Muslims and non-Muslims feel about each other.

"In my opinion, ISIS is inspiration for radical Muslims... same way our president, President Trump is inspiration for some," Siddiq said. "It is very dangerous."

But in the midst of rising tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims all over the United States, Katie Mendez decided to show the congregation at the mosque that the Waco community stands behind them.

"I've been seeing the news a lot and it's usually a lot of negative news," Mendez said. "I figured it wouldn't hurt to have a little kindness spread around in the community."

Mendez decided to start a monument at the mosque, and it has grown ever since.

"I think that it's very inspiring that other people picked it up and went along with it... It's really beautiful I'm glad that it happened," she said. "I just think we need a lot more kindness and love and acceptance of other people."

Siddiq said although they've always felt welcome in the Waco community, seeing the memorial made him feel even more confident that Wacoans stand behind the Islamic community.

"We are very fortunate to be in Waco," Siddiq said. "It sounds like the whole world is coming against us, but it's not true. [The] majority of Americans are with us," he added.

The president said the congregation is grateful that people in the community feel the way he feels about others -- even though he is Muslim.

"I am a Muslim because I believe in peace and equality... I will stand behind them as they stand behind me," Saddiq said. "We feel very comfortable with support like this from the community, and we feel very safe, and we feel loved."

Saddiq said the doors at the mosque are always open to anyone interested in learning more about it or the Islamic faith.

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