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Local woman gets her smile back

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Some say that peace begins with a smile and one Central Texas woman now knows that peace.

Danie Foust struggled with her smile for years. She had teeth that were broken, infected and decaying.

"Before I had my teeth done, my youngest kid hadn't seen me smile showing my teeth," Foust said. "Me and my husband have been together seven years, and he's only seen me smile a couple of times," she added.

But all of that changed after Foust decided to enter the Second Chance Program, sponsored by Brazos Oral and Facial Surgery. The program offers free major dental work for someone who would not be able to afford it otherwise.

"I entered because, well, I needed to have my teeth fixed, and I couldn't afford to, so I figured I'd try," Foust said.

The program gave one person the opportunity to get dental work valued $50,000. Dr. Scott Warren owns the surgery center, and he said hundreds of people applied.

"We had approximately 250 people that applied to that program...we narrowed that down to 50...we narrowed that pool down to ten," Warren said. "We chose one special recipient...Danie." 

The doctor said the process took more than a year to complete. He said Foust had cavities, decay and gum disease.

"We did surgery where we went in and replaced all her teeth [with temporary teeth]," Warren said. "It's been a long process -- it's one I couldn't do alone."

The doctor tapped Dr. Thomas Waggener, a restorative dentist is Waco to help him get the job done.

"I was very fortunate Dr. Warren asked me to join in on this endeavor," Waggener said. "Today we're going to take that temporary [set of teeth] out and put her permanents in."

Both of the doctors said helping Foust made a permanent impact on their lives.

"It's just my pleasure to be able to give back, [and to] help someone else, and to see and use my talents that I've been blessed with to help someone else," Waggener said. "To see her grow and to see her personality change as we've gone through this process is remarkable."

"You could just tell that her smile, and what she'd been through with her teeth, you know, was really kind of holding her back," Warren said. "What I really hope is that going forward in the future, that this is somehow able to help open up doors and opportunities for her that otherwise wouldn't be there." 

Foust said getting her new teeth is an experience she will always be thankful for.

"I can smile with my kids and don't have to worry about it. I can smile at everybody and don't have to worry about it," she said. "Dr. Warren and Dr. Waggener I can't thank them enough... I'm just glad that hey picked me I still feel really lucky about it."

Warren said he hopes to start another Second Chance Program by this upcoming spring.

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