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Team Rubicon comes to Killeen


For a group of local veterans their days of service aren't over yet.

Today was a chance to meet the new branch of Team Rubicon in Killeen.

The organization, mostly made-up of veterans responds to disaster areas to help people recover.

like so many army soldiers, Keith Schmidt found out first hand the dangers of war.

"I was the last vehicle on a convoy and a truck rammed us. We lost control of the vehicle and it rolled over. As far as I can remember I was told I was knocked out" said Keith Schmidt.

"the injuries that i had, they couldn't tell from just the x-rays... So even though i was hurt. I had bruises and my spine got compressed when we rolled over. I didn't know it at the time." said Schmidt.

Schmidt's injuries eventually led to a medical discharge from the army. He's endured six more surgeries after his military career ended.

But along the way he found Team Rubicon and a new way to serve people.

"They're an emergency management team that responds to disasters in the United States." Schmidt added.

Disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and fires. Schmidt's new Rubicon team in Killeen hasn't been called out to help just yet , but he knows what to expect when the call comes.

"These people have lost everything and for you to go there and have them talk with you, It's humbling to realize that everything you have or what you have gone through is nothing compared what's happening right then and there." said Schmidt.

While the majority of Team Rubicon members are veterans the organization also accepts police, firefighters, and other first responders and even some civilians.

To become a part of the Killeen Team Rubicon, you can contact Keith at and you can also head over to their

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