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CTX city updates drainage fees to solve flooding problem

(Source: KXXV) (Source: KXXV)
(Source: KXXV) (Source: KXXV)

Temple City Council approved raising drainage fees for residential and commercial drainage services back in December.

The new drainage fees became effective on Jan. 1, 2017.

“Many areas of the City that were built with undersized drainage, or without it, experience frequent flooding,” city engineer Don Bond said. “Construction projects are required to improve the drainage, such as installing storm drains and pipes.”

An adjustment to the previous rates was necessary to fund improvements to areas throughout Temple that often flood. 
As the City of Temple continues to grow, so does the run-off because the water has no where to go. 

"Although one of our customers may not be experiencing flooding at their property, they are still contributing to the run-off with their rooftops and their impervious surfaces," Bond added.

The previous drainage master plan from 2008, identified over 100 projects totaling over $30 million, but the City of Temple has narrowed the list down to four main projects for now. 

"We've been considering the one hundred and eight recommended projects from that master plan update and narrowing that down to a very focused group that we felt would be the most effective and give us the most bang for the buck," Bond said.  

New drainage fees per month:

Residential - $6.00

Commercial (0-2,500 sqft) - $12.00

Commercial (2,501-10,000 sqft) - $24.00

Commercial (10,001 – 50,000 sqft) $75.00  

Commercial (50,001 – 100,000 sqft) $175.00  

Commercial (100,001 +) $350.00 

The increased fees will also go toward an updated drainage assessment and modeling project to help prioritize and plan future projects.

The City of Temple also hopes make improvements along streams and creeks, to possibly have the chance to... 

"Spend some money very effectively, potentially reducing some flood insurance rates," Bond added. 

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