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Possible sewage dumping in SJ Guthrie Park creek

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The City of Waco Water Utility Services Department was called out Friday morning to a creek at SJ Guthrie Park in Waco that could be polluted with raw sewage.

Tony Tapp, a resident who lives near the creek, discovered the polluted creek Friday morning while picking pecans in the park. This is the second time in the span of a month that he's called Water Utility Services Department to clean the polluted creek.

"Between Christmas and New Years, they did it. The city came out here and cleaned the creek. I was thoroughly satisfied with the way they cleaned the creek, it was clean," Tapp said. "I come out here this morning and it's like this again."

Crews investigated the area before cleaning the creek but weren't able to find any sewage leaks or spills. Tapp said that he thinks the sewage was dumped there on purpose.

"The water is black now. That means the sewage has already decayed and turned black," Tapp said, recalling his experience as a former plumber. "Somebody dumped here. The City of Waco is doing due diligence to find the source and they can't find it cause we think somebody dumped."

The city is not looking into the pollution as a criminal investigation yet. They said the creek should be cleaned by the end of next week.

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