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DA: Grand jury clears Waco officers of wrongdoing in narcotics case, do not condone behaviors

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Waco police officers have been cleared by a grand jury involving a narcotics case. 

The Waco Police Department was notified of a discrepancy in documentation of a narcotics case. 

The Texas Rangers conducted an investigation to determine if there were concerns in the handling by officers. The Rangers assisted and completed the investigation turning it over to the McLennan County District Attorney Office. 

The officers, Investigator David Starr and Commander Clare Crook, were placed on administrative leave. The McLennan County Grand Jury completed their review and cleared the officers of any wrongdoing. 

According to District Attorney Abel Reyna, the office does "not approve or condone the conduct of these two officers..."

Today, the McLennan County Grand Jury cleared Detective David Starr and Commander Claire Crook of any criminal wrong doing in an incident wherein the use of a Confidential Informant was not disclosed in an affidavit and police reports related to the seizure of two kilograms of cocaine. The incident involved a drug seizure that occurred when a Confidential Informant set up the purchase of narcotics at a local motel. The fact that a C.I. was used was withheld from the arrest affidavits and the police reports. In turn, prosecutors were unable to convey this information to the defense attorney as required by Texas law. Despite previous requests, the information was not provided to prosecutors until the week before trial. The Texas Rangers were called in to investigate the matter for any potential criminal conduct on the part of the officers.

“The District Attorney’s office does not approve of nor condone the conduct of these two officers in this case. However, we absolutely respect, support, and agree with the decision of the Grand Jury regarding whether or not the conduct was criminal in nature. It is my understanding that these officers will be returned to full duty pending the outcome of my meeting next week with the Waco Police Chief regarding this incident. The District Attorney’s office will remain tough and aggressive when it comes to dealing with criminals. However, we will not sacrifice fairness in that pursuit.”

- Abel Reyna, McLennan County District Attorney Office

Starr and Crook will be reinstated immediately to full duty. 

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