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Simulator puts guests in real-life shooting situations

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To shoot, or not too shoot? That is the question Central Texans now have the chance to answer, because Tac Fight opened their doors. 

Tac Fight operates a shoot/don't shoot simulator located in Hewitt at 105 Tampico Road. Visitors can choose to use either a pistol or an assault rifle before they put their trigger-finger to the test.

The owner of Tac Fight is Waco Police officer, Sgt. Edward Williams, and he said there are more than 500 different scenarios or shooting drills to choose from.

"Unfortunately, if you don't have a simulator, the only way you can simulate a real-life situations is when you're in a real-life situation," Williams said. "Every thing is basically real-life, you know, so the people here are real five foot or six foot people."

He said he used similar simulators while serving in the army and while working as a police officer. He said decided to bring this simulator to Central Texas to help make sure people know how to handle themselves if they're ever in situations that could turn deadly. 

"I just want you to be prepared, you know, that if it's a shoot situation -- I want you to shoot and I want you to win," Williams said. "If it's a don't shoot situation, I want you to be confident in your show of force."

Although the veteran said one of his biggest goals is to make sure people know how to handle themselves in dangerous situations, he also said Tac Fight has training materials for people who need to brush up on their shooting skills. 

"Not only can you shoot a marksmanship training, you can shoot at shooting trees, you have targets that [are] moving, shooting competition, and wild west zombie," Williams said. "No matter where you are in the gun realm--from a beginner to an expert--there's something on here for you to do."

Jarod Goodman is also a military veteran, but he now serves as the simulator operator at Tac Fight.

"I went through a simulator in the military that was very similar," Good man said. "Quality-wise, it's definitely up there." 

Goodman said the simulator has a lot to offer those who want to test their shooting reflexes.

"We have sound, weapons have recoil, flash lights you can do low lights -- you can do a lot of different things on here," he said. "You can go from a car-jacking, somebody can try to mug you at an ATM, you can have a school shooting, and then at the same time you can go through and just shoot targets," he added.

Williams suggests that anyone interested in trying out the simulator, book an appointment online to avoid being stuck in line. 

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