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Local bar celebrates historic day

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Repeal Day is a little-known and hardly celebrated day in American history, but one Central Texas bar wanted to make sure it gave locals a chance to remember the day.

The 18th Amendment was ratified in the United States, thus making it a law in the early 20th century. The amendment prohibited the use and sale of alcohol in the county.

About 14 years later, the 21st Amendment was ratified. The new law repealed the 18th Amendment, and made drinking legal in the U.S. once again. The passing of the 21st Amendment happened on Dec. 5, 1933.

Cricket's Drafthouse and Grill made sure to people in the community had an opportunity to commemorate the day.

"Repeal day, it ended the prohibition era, and made alcohol legal," said Miranda Villarreal, a manager at Cricket's. "Come on out and get your classic, prohibition giggle water... we're starting off with cheap drinks.

Villarreal said the bar planned to sell three different drinks to commemorate Repeal Day, and that each drink would be served for 83-cents, since it has been 83 years since the 21 Amendment was ratified.

"The Mary Pickford -- it comes from the name of a classic 1920's silent movie star... it's a martini that consists of rum, gin, and pineapple juice," she said. "The Gin Ricky... it's also famous for being the drink from the Great Gatsby; [and] the Side Car... it consists of cognac and sweet and sour," she added.

Edith Silva is a bartender at Cricket's and she said the Repeal Day is a day that is worth remembering.

"Maybe if I did live back then, then maybe I wouldn't be drinking at 21, and now I actually have that actual freedom -- the actual right," Silva said.

The bartender said she's ready to serve up all three Repeal Day drinks for anyone who stops by the bar.

"I'm excited to come to work everyday, seeing new faces, making drinks," she said. "Just knowing the fact that that's come to the end, and now we can celebrate... I'm anticipating a huge outcome."

Repeal Day falls on Dec. 5th, each year.

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