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Thief returns stolen Christmas presents

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A Killeen family is celebrating after a Grinch tried to steal their Christmas, but apparently had a change of heart.

Mario Duran and his wife Valerie said packages were stolen right off their porch on Monday, and it was all caught on their home surveillance video.

“My heart just dropped because I knew that we were expecting packages”, Valerie Duran said.

News Channel 25 talked with the Duran family on Monday about the theft, and what happened next for the family was an early Christmas miracle.

Mr. Duran said when he was taking his son to school Wednesday morning he made the shocking discovery.

“As soon as I was pulling out of the driveway that’s when I noticed it, like these two bundles sitting right by the driver side door of my wife’s car,” Duran said.

At first he mistook the bundles for trash, but still he parked his car to get a closer look.

“Once I saw this brown paper bag and this plastic bag, I noticed it was the toys that we had ordered,” Duran said.

The toys were for his two boys who will now have a Merry Christmas after all. As for the grinch who tried to steal the presents, Duran still thinks he should be punished even after returning what he stole.

“What's to stop him from taking other packages that he sees in any other neighborhood. It makes you feel very violated because you don’t know if, and when this will happen again,” Duran said.

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