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Salvation Army loses thousands for emergency shelter


The Salvation Army of Waco said it is in need of extra donations this year because new federal regulations have forced the charity to relocate thousands of dollars they had set aside for emergency shelters. 

Charity Huffman with the Salvation Army said their $190,000 Continuum of Care Grant, that would have been used to fund their shelters, can no longer be used for their emergency housing. 

"About 100 [thousand dollars] of that, we still have, but that is for rapid rehousing only, so these facilities... don't receive that money," Huffman said. "The other 90 thousand [dollars] is directly lost to helping administrate, turn on the lights, provide these beds, and so forth."

Huffman said the money that is being relocated in the organization has to be moved because of new federal regulations. 

"The government is trying to put people into their own place so that they can become more successful," she said. "So while it sounds great -- until we can get these people into their own apartment or into their own homes -- where do they go? That's the question."

According to Huffman, another issue with losing the grant is that other programs in the Red Cross could be negatively affected.

"The tens of thousands of dollars will be taken from other programs and it means that services will be hurt," she said. "We're drawing money from other programs, and we're taking bits from here, and taking bits from there, and so those services that we provide to the community are suffering a little." 

The charity said because of the cuts, donations to their Red Kettle Campaign have become especially important.

"We're looking at hopefully raising $160,000," Huffman said. "Please support the red kettles. If last year, you were able to put in a dollar, maybe consider putting in two dollars [this year]."

Jerrold McClinton lives in the Salvation Army men's shelter in Waco and he said hearing of the cut to the shelter was disappointing.

"Without the Salvation Army and this program, a lot of us would be out here lost, including myself," McClinton said. "By that, just knowing that done happened, it's kind of heart-breaking."

McClinton said the shelter means a lot to him, and if he could, he would donate the money himself.

"It's like a home away from home 'cause they help for me to better myself to get back on my feet," he said. "Me personally, it's like if I had money, if I had a million dollars, I'd be more than happy to donate a lot of my money."

Red kettles are placed throughout the city, and the organization said donations will be accepted up until Christmas Eve. 

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