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Survey reveals top three Thanksgiving day stressors

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Thanksgiving is a time when many people come together for food and family, but for some, it is also a time when stress can get out of hand. 

A recent Manufactured Housing Institute survey explored what stresses out many Americans who are preparing for the big meal.

According to the survey, the top three stressors were related to politics, traffic, and sports. 27% were afraid politics would be brought up at the table, 15% feared being stuck in traffic, and 13% would not be able to stand seeing their favorite team lose. 

But for some people in Central Texas, the thing that would stress them out the most were a little more inline with the holiday.

"My entire family is judgmental," Waco resident Elle Kim said. "This year, I'm in charge of the turkey, so I'm a little scared about it."

"Putting all the trimmings, and all the food together, and getting everybody to show up," are what Waco resident Kelvin William says stresses him out. "[But] we need the Cowboys to win."

"I think trying to get around all the family and give them time," Central Texas visitor Jerry McCollum said. "Probably if I overeat... and have to worry about that a little bit."

Bethie Timmons is the director of clinical services at the Heart of Texas Counseling Center. She said she can see why politics, traffic, and sports topped Manufactured Housing Institute's survey.

"Politics in general are something you probably shouldn't bring up at the dinner table... just feeling like you have to get there, [and] now, I think really can cause some challenges for folks... I don't particularly like my sports team to lose," Timmons said. 

The director said avoiding holiday stress can be easier than most people may think.

"Drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep, move and take deep breaths," Timmons said. "The whole idea about the holidays is just spending quality time with your family," she added. 

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