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Three Temple police officers suspended without pay after investigation

(Source: MGN) (Source: MGN)

The Temple Police Department said their recent investigation into the conduct of three officers resulted in suspensions without pay.

In the first incident, the internal investigation revealed that Lt. Edward Best and Officer Jayson Jordan were in violation of the department’s policies and procedures in handling of a criminal investigation. Best was suspended for 25 days and Jordan was suspended for 10.

Both officers received formal discipline of suspension without pay.

In a separate incident, another investigation into the use of force stemming from the arrest of Larry Wayne Parker on Aug. 10 revealed that Cpl. McNeil Fairey was not consistent with the department’s policy and was also suspended without pay. An arrest affidavit says Parker was arrested after leading police on a high-speed chase.

We met with Parker at the Bell County Detention Center. We were not allowed to take our cameras inside.

In our meeting with Parker, he told us about what happened when he was arrested.

"I got out [of the car] and did everything he asked...all [of this happened] because he [Fairey] wanted me to put out a cigarette," Parker said. He [Fairey] comes out of nowhere hollering 'put out that cigarette! put out that cigarette! put out that cigarette!,' then he stomped me in the face."

Fairey has been suspended for three days, without pay for the incident. Parker expressed his surprise after finding out that Fairey is suspended for three days.

"Three days, without pay for stomping a person in the face?" Parker asked. "So he just gets swatted on the hand? My next step is to go talk to a lawyer."

We were able to meet with Parker's sister-in-law Jenifer Parker. Her brother-in-law credits her for making sure Fairey got suspended.

"Somebody's gotta fight for him. He can't obviously fight for himself  'cause he's locked up so somebody's gotta stand up for his rights," Parker said. "These guys hold badges they're supposed to serve and protect we're supposed to be able to trust them with our lives no matter what we do or what anybody does."

Jenifer Parker also said that she hopes this incident helps her brother-in-law get on the right track.

"I hope Larry Wayne has learned his lesson...he realizes that he has spent most of his life behind bars and doesn't want to continue to do that," she said. "I hope that he continues to try to choose to change he's already made the decision to try to get help," she added.

We reached out to the Temple Police Department for a comment from their chief. We were told that the chief was out of town and would not be available until next week, but the department did include a statement in the press release we received.

“The department strives to investigate all allegations of misconduct by officers with the goal of maintaining the highest level of service, accountability and transparency,” Temple Police Department spokesperson Shawana Neely said in a press release.

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