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Students help change speed limits in Coryell County

Some roadway changes are underway in Coryell County after a group of students petitioned the county to post speed limit signs.

This comes after 15-year-old Cameron Raine, a Copperas Cove High School student, was killed back in May by a man speeding on the road.

Family and friends said that man driving the vehicle was never cited because there were no speed signs posted.

Now they are celebrating after helping change their community in honor of their friend Cameron's death.

"We collected enough signatures and we proved those people wrong who said it wasn't going to happen," Jada Ramirez said.

Ramirez is one of the students who started the petition to put up speed limit signs in the neighborhood with help from her mother.

Ramirez and other students collected more than 1,000 signatures from people in the county and around the globe.

After five months of collecting signatures, the county finally granted their wish and purchased more than 150 speed limit signs to be posted.

Officials have already started posting speed limit signs in the residential areas throughout the county.

Jada's mother Hilary Savage said they're hoping if a fatal accident ever happens again, someone will be held accountable because the speed limits are now posted and visible.

"I really just want people to slow down and pay attention to everyone around them," Hilary Savage said.

Students who helped start the petition said they're happy with the outcome.

"I'm very satisfied, I feel very proud and I feel that Cameron would be very proud," Ramirez said.

For the new speed limits on Coryell County roads, click here for the list posted on the county's website.

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