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New local business looks to help people heal

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The owners of a one-of-a-kind business in Central Texas said they're working to heal people in the community. They're doing it by trying to change the kind of water they drink.

Barbara Glaze and Kenneth Taylor opened Water Tree Waco ,700 block of Lake Air Drive, three months ago. The business sells alkaline water and water purification systems.

Taylor said alkaline water is good for people because it helps balance the body's PH level.

"By drinking clean alkaline water, it gives the body a chance to heal itself," Taylor said. "It's all natural, it's made to mimic mother nature."

Glaze said she became interested in opening a business that sells alkaline water after her own experience with drinking it. She credits the water for curing one of her illnesses.

"I had what's called Aspartame poisoning," Glaze said.

She said that changed after replacing her diet cokes with alkaline water.

"In three months, I started seeing my body ease off with the pain."

The two say there are many benefits associated with drinking alkaline water. 

"There are a lot of good benefits you can get from alkaline water. There's healthy skin tissue, organs, detoxification," Taylor said. "Alkaline water basically neutralized the free radicals that are moving around in the body."

Although Taylor and Glaze swear by the water, Dr. Tim Martindale said there is not enough proof it does what some people think it does.

"There have been many stories that it might help things such as acid reflex, infections, maybe even help with stopping cancer... it's not proven, but it's not harmful," Martindale said. "There's been about four, five, six studies over the last 15 years... we don't have real good medically researched proven proof that alkaline water has benefits."

Regardless of the lack of medical evidence, the doctor said there is not anything wrong with drinking alkaline water.

"Water's a good thing, so anything we can do to make people more excited about drinking water is a good thing," Martindale said. "

The business owners said they're willing to make a believer out of anyone who doubts how good alkaline water might be for their body.

"Just come in and try. It's very reasonable we sell it for $1 a gallon," Taylor said.

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