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Students at Temple High School master coding skills

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A new program at Temple High School this year is introducing students to a booming industry.

School leaders say that the new program will not only benefit students but society as well.

With jobs in information technology in high demand, Temple High School is giving students a chance to develop these skills. 

Coding, programming and critical thinking are a few skills students can learn in the new IT class in efforts to help them succeed in technology driven careers.

Instructor Emil Grando said the set of skills students learn can be applied in the future throughout various industries. 

"It's an in-demand skill so you can go from manufacturing all the way to computer science where they're building apps for Google or AT&T," Grando said.

 The IT program allows students to create their own video games from scratch but these skills are not just for play.

The skills students learn can be used in industries that center around the stem subjects, including science, technology, engineering and math.

Learning these skills will help students be prepared for whatever career path they choose.

"Learning to code requires critical thinking problem solving mathematical skills even reading and writing skills. So you know all of that in one class that’s going to affect you in the long run," Grando said.

Instructors said next semester students will move to phase two of the new IT course where they will begin building apps for Android smart phones.

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