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Central Texas road makes top ten most haunted list

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A road in central Texas is considered one of the top ten most haunted places in America.

The Ben Abbott Law Firm, which is based in Dallas, made a list of top ten spookiest places. Lindsey Hollow Road in Waco came in at number five on the list.

Cindy Little is a paranormal investigator and the founder of Waco Ghosts. She said the legend about the road being haunted is more than a century old. 

"The legend of Lindsey Hollow Road goes back to the 1800's," Little said. "There were a couple of horse thieving, cattle rustling Lindsey Brothers... and before they had the chance to be arrested and brought to justice, a local rancher got a lynch mob together and lynched the brothers along Lindsey Hollow Road."

The investigator said that their spirits are ones that people claim they see on the road. 

"The legend goes that if the moonlight is just right, people might be able to see the corpses swinging from the trees and hearing boot spurs jangling as the corpses were hanging from the trees," she said. "There have been so many reports about people feeling strange things along the road."

Paxton Dove lives on Lindsey Hollow. He said he and his family had an experience with the Lindsey Brothers on the road. 

"We've been over in this neighborhood for about 12 years," he said. "We got to hear the chains rattling in the woods."

Dove said it is an experience that scared the whole family.

"My oldest was about six at the time [and] it terrified him," Dove said. "[It] terrified the dogs -- sent shivers up all of our spines," he added. 

He said although it was scary, it is an experience that the family won't ever forget.

"We've talked about it every year...about Halloween, about how the Lindsey Brothers might be out there," he said. "We'll have to make room for them if we every get told that we're in their way."

Little said that although many people have ghost stories about the road, she cannot confirm that there is paranormal activity in the area.

"I haven't felt real spooked or creeped out or anything," Little said. "Some people are able to kind of just see and hear paranormal activity in places where others are not able to."

The investigator said other places that are supposed to be haunted in the area include Jacob's LadderLover's Leap, and the Witch's Castle on Weber Run Trail.

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