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More Waymon Manor residents claim mold is taking over homes

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The Waymon Manor Apartments in Temple are in the spotlight again after more tenants have come forward about major issues in their apartments.

Almost a dozen residents have made claims that mold, rain and worse are draining inside their apartments.

Most of the tenants were too scared to speak out about the issues for fear of being evicted.

One woman said almost a month ago, her ceiling caved in and fell on her son. It still hasn't been repaired.

Pauline Cruz is another resident who also had her ceiling cave in and she said that after telling maintenance about the mold in her apartment, they told her to just use cleaning products on it.

"They said use bleach. Bleach doesn't take it away, it's horrible," Cruz said.

Residents said that the Waymon Manor upper management has been ignoring their requests to fix things for years. And now, they feel these issues are putting their families in danger.

The property manager wouldn't comment on these allegations due to corporate rules.

Most residents said they just want these problems fixed so they can be secure.

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