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Killeen homeowner is suing Texas Technical Construction company


A homeowner in Killeen is suing a local construction company after she said she's paid thousands of dollars for work on her property that was never completed.   

Romona Bellard said the project was supposed to be an addition to her home that was scheduled to take less than three months, and it's been almost a year with little progress.

After spending more than $23,000, Bellard said she's wasted time and money after trusting the Texas Technical Construction to expand her home.

According to documents the project started in January and almost nine months later there is very little progress that's been made.

"According to the contract the entire process was supposed to take 72 business days. Throughout the year I would say Aaron, you know if I don't see any progress by this date I'm just going to have to stop I'm going to have to quit and I'm just going to need a refund", Bellard said.  

The total project was supposed to cost a little over $47,000 dollars but the company required payment up front for each phase of the project.

Receipts show Bellard paid for the first two phases but she said the work was never completed, and now her property is worse than before.

"My yard is a mess, irrigation system is torn up, my lawn is dying", Bellard said.  

After trying to reason with the company she's filled a police report and a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Now she is filing a civil suit in hopes of getting her money back.

The head technician from the Texas Technical Construction company Aaron Holland was the person overseeing this project. Holland said the company also plans to contact legal advisers to see how you can fix this situation.

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