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Health concerns arise for family after neglected repairs

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A Temple woman is planning to sue Waymon Manor Apartments after she said upper management refused to fix what's broken on the property, even when these problems could be hazardous to her and her family.

Tanique Bowden said she's experienced everything from black mold growing in the walls to water leaking through the apartment when it rains.

Those are a few examples of the problems this family said they have to deal with, and they're tired of living under these conditions.

"Every time its rains outside, it rains in my house and it's ridiculous," Bowden said. "There are just a lot of things that don't get fixed in the apartment complex that we can't change as residents."

Bowden said after contacting maintenance workers numerous times they never got around to fully fixing the problems.

"One time I told them about the mold in my son's closet and they pretty much painted over it," Bowden said.

She now believes her family's health is being compromised because of the mold growing inside of her window sills.

"My kids wake up coughing, they wake up with nose bleeds, and I can't do nothing about it and it really, really upsets me," Bowden said.

Bowden said as a single mother, this is not a place where she wants to raise her children.

"I wouldn't want nobody to stay here," Bowden said.

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