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Central Texas aims to bring awareness to domestic violence


October is domestic violence awareness month and organizers in the central Texas community are working to end the violence in the area.

The Central Texas Family Violence task force kicked off its Bridging the Gap conference on Thursday, to inform the community about domestic violence in the area and how they can help end it.

The Killeen Police Department said this year, they have responded to more than 1,600 calls related to family violence. That's why the Crime Victim Liaison for KPD, Lisa Hatfield said the victims and the community must unite to end the problem of domestic violence.

"It's not a problem that just affects the victim involved but also the community. Its not just a problem that occurs within the home, the effects actually ripple out to the community in a variety of different ways", said Hatfield.
That's why Families in Crisis shelters are there to help people in these violent situations. The program's director, Suzanne Armour said the shelters in Killeen and Temple can hold a total of 75 people per night, and last year they were almost full every night.

"A lot of times a batterer will keep you from meeting people and isolate you. We provided over 27,000 shelter nights to 846 people, and it translates to about 75 people per night", said Armour.

Armour said it's not clear why domestic violence is so prevalent in the area, but there are many different reasons it happens.

"Economic instability, infidelity issues, we are a large military town sometimes deployment if soldiers are away for long periods of time they have to come back and re-acclimate, I know that's part of it", said Hatfield.

Whatever the reason both Armour and Hatfield said they will continue to help those victims in need while working to get more of the community involved in helping victims as well.

To learn how you can volunteer to help victims who've suffered from domestic violence contact Suzanne Armour at the Families In Crisis Shelter at 254- 634-1184.

Lastly, if you're a victim of domestic violence and need assistance call 888-799-SAFE (7233).

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