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A Texas A&M lecture series talks about police and race in the community


A Texas A&M professor has started a series of lectures concerning the current state of police and community relations, centered around race.

With the relationship between police and the people they serve fractured in some communities across the country, one professor is aiming to repair those relationships by conducting open dialogues between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

During this lecture police chiefs from Bryan, College Station and Texas A&M answered questions in a panel discussion.

Chief Scott McCollum from the College Station Police Department said discussions like these help to build trust between both parties. "There's two sides of the equation and both sides want to be heard", said Chief McCollum.

 The number of police shootings throughout the nation is what sparked this series of lectures, and moving forward organizers aimed to discuss ways both parties can work together to prevent these shootings from happening.

Although the topic at hand can be uncomfortable for people to discuss, Professor Domonic Bearfield said it's important that we have these conversations.

"People are equally concerned about the safety of police officers while also being members of the minority community want to be treated with respect", said Professor Bearfield.

While discussing past and present issues involving minorities and police organizers felt it was important to figure out solutions for the future to prevent this from happening in our area.

"I hope that this can become a model in which other communities can engage in similar things. If we can become a leader on this movement, I think that this would be tremendous", said Professor Bearfield.

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