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Family said 'no clowns' sign led to vandalism

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A family in north Waco said some of their Halloween decorations were destroyed because of a sign they put up than bans adults dressed as clowns from coming to their house. 

Kassidey and Mike Perez said they've spent the last four years decorating their front yard for Halloween.

"Halloween is like our Christmas," Perez said. "Throughout the year we bought different things [and] we bought more things."

This year the couple included a sign among their decorations that asks for grownups dressed up in clown gear to avoid coming to their house. The couple believes that sign is what led someone to destroy some of their decorations. 

"I didn’t want them to come here," she said. "I wanted our neighborhood kids to feel safe."

Perez said she and her family went to bed one night and got up the next morning to see her Halloween setup left in shambles. Some of their Halloween lights were shattered, pieces of the decorations had been knocked around and broken, and the head of a hanging doll was almost ripped off, but Perez said she does not regret putting the sign up.

"I just wanted to put that out there so that they [the kids] would at least feel comfortable enough to come [trick or treating]," she said. "These kids around this neighborhood, I treat these kids around this neighborhood like they were my own... I don’t want my babies to feel threatened."

Perez said her family gives out at least 200 bags of candy to kids in their neighborhood each year. She said the kids look forward to seeing their yard, and that the destruction of their Halloween decorations will not change that. 

"No matter how many times you guys come and destroy it -- it will just continue to be replaced," Perez said. 

The family said they have contacted the police to notify them of the damages.

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