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Central Texas student with down syndrome crowned homecoming king


While the Troy Trojans have had a pretty good football season - it’s what happened off the field that has left the community cheering.

A familiar scene, the big game, the stand packed with fans.

As senior Cody Patnoe walks onto the turf, the crowd loses it, chanting his name.

Friday night, Patnoe, a student with down syndrome, won Homecoming King. His peers said he was a shoe-in for the title.

When asked to describe what they love about Patnoe, his peers can't say enough good things.

Senior Andrew Burge, has known Patnoe for only a few years, and is now all too familiar with some of his friend's tricks.

“He always gives me a hug when I see him, he also tries to scare me almost every day at lunch,” Burge said.

Whether busting a move at the pep rally or rooting on their school, peers and teachers alike say they can always count on Patnoe.

Librarian and adviser to the homecoming selection process Trista Falcon said that it no surprise that Patnoe was on the ballot.  

"He does so much as far as school spirit he's out there he's dancing he's clapping he walk out there with the football players," Falcon said.

Trudy Jeter, one of Patnoe’s teachers, said the school has had several differently abled students. Jeter said it’s also not what makes him stand out.

“I think that's what makes him different he's the kid that gives you a high five when you walk through the front door and people recognize him and appreciate him," Jeter said. 

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