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Enforcement lights installed to reduce red-light violations

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The City of Waco has installed enforcement lights at five busy intersections throughout the city to reduce the number of red-light violations.

The Waco City Council discussed how to deal with people running red lights in a city council meeting in August 2015. The city decided to install the enforcement lights over red-light cameras. 

"The popularity of red-light cameras throughout the state has been kind of questionable. Some cities have set them up, some of them had successes and a lot of them, more so seem to have problems with them," City of Waco Spokesman Larry Holze said. "[The enforcement cameras] are a great alternative to what the red light cameras try to do."

The city determined five intersections that have a problem with red-light runners and installed the lights at 26th and Bosque Avenue; Waco Drive and Valley Mills Drive; Waco Drive and New Road; New Road and Bagby Avenue; and Valley Mills Drive and Franklin Avenue.

Sgt. Scott Holt has worked in the Traffic Enforcement Division of Waco Police for three years. Holt says 26th and Bosque is one of the worst intersections in the city because of the number of crashes and the severity of those crashes.

"[The enforcement light] allows us to be safer and it allows us to use our time more efficiently," Holt said.

In the past, there were two officers watching each intersection. The "spotter" would watch the violation occur and radio it to another officer. That second officer would then pull the vehicle over and give the driver a citation. With these new enforcement lights, only one officer is needed.

When an intersection light turns red, the white light turns on. It tells officers that the light is red and allows them to focus on the cars driving through the light in any directions.

Officers can sit on the backside of an intersection, according to Holt, and watch the white line. If a vehicle crosses the line while the enforcement light is lit, they can ticket that individual for a violation. 

"Our ultimate goal is to reduce crashes, to reduce personal injury and property damage," Holt said.

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