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Donald Trump signs go missing in CTX neighborhood

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Lawn signs supporting Donald Trump have gone missing in a Hewitt neighborhood.

The Trump signs have mysteriously disappeared from the 2900 block of Concho Bend Drive. Although signs endorsing Trump have gone missing, the ones that show support for presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton have not. 

"It just seems to be a sad state of affairs when the Hillary Clinton supports believe they can make a political point by resorting to criminal activity," said Lisa Dickison, with the Republican Party of McLennan County. "It just seems that they feel they don't feel that they can win on the facts."

Since Trump signs have started to go missing from yards in the neighborhood, one man who lives there decided to post his Trump sign above his garage. 

Ashley Field lives in the neighborhood, and said she has noticed the Trump signs disappear.

"We go for walks every night around the is weird to see them one night and then not see them again the next night," Field said.  

Dickison said that even though the signs have gone missing, Trump supporters will not back down.

"It's not going to change anyone's vote...we think it's pretty despicable that they would resort to criminal activity to try to make their political point," Dickison said.

Field said that she thinks no matter what a person's political affiliation is, they should be able to voice their opinion. 

"It shouldn't matter if it says 'Hillary Clinton' or if it says 'Trump' on it, they should be able to put their own sign in their own yard," Field said. 

The Republican Party of McLennan County said that people can pick up a replacement sign at their headquarters if their Trump sign goes missing. 

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