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Wildcat Mentor program kicks off at Temple ISD

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A mentorship program for fifth and sixth grade students in Temple kicked off Thursday afternoon.

Two hundred and eight students are taking part in the Wildcat Mentor Program this year.

The program creates a space for students to build a relationship with an adult from the Temple community.

"It means the ability to meet on a regular basis with an adult who is there for them and only them," Kevin Colwell, the Wildcat Mentors Board President. "To provide a safe place, a safe environment in which they can share a relationship, build a relationship, share thoughts; how their day is going, maybe how different parts of their life is going, different students open up in different ways.” 

Colwell has been participating in the program for three years. He said the students meet their mentors at least twice a month during school hours. 

"We want to be there. That’s really what it is. We want to be there for a kid who may just be looking for someone who cares," Colwell said. "We really think this is going to make a difference in their lives."

Martin Campos has been a mentor in the program for seven years. For the second year in a row, Campos will be mentoring 5th grader Steven Robison.

"I visit him every week," Campos said. "I look forward to seeing him coming down the hall and he smiles when he sees me and we shake hands and go have our lunch."

Steven Robison said he looks forward to his weekly visits with Campos. 

"My favorite part is that I get to make a new friend," Robison said. "He's a good mentor."

"Sometimes it feels like we come from different worlds and so by sharing our experiences it brings our worlds closer together," Campos said.

The student's are not the only ones who get something out of the program.

"It's very rewarding. To actually be with a student for a year and see how they progress.I just really like hanging out with him; with Steven," Campos said.

The program is always looking for more male mentors. 

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