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Family of 14 looking to open children's shelter

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A family in Killeen has fostered at least 90 children and now they're trying to open an emergency shelter for kids in need.

Wilfredo and Dimarie Ocasio have worked as foster parents for the last eleven years. The couple even adopted 12 of the children they fostered.

"Once we got into the foster care system, we saw the need for homes and the children to be placed in loving homes," Ocasio said.

Now the couple says they are compelled to open their own home for children because the number of children already in their home prohibits them from fostering any more children.

"Even though we have the desire to do more for the kids we can't because we're full to capacity," Ocasio said.

Ocasio said the shelter the family is planning to open will be called the Garden of Hope of Central Texas.

"We went to a licensing meeting with CPS, after that we registered with the state. We're applying for our 501(c)(3)," he said. "If miracles start to happen we can open our doors in six months."

Despite successfully completing the paperwork he said he needs to open Garden of Hope, Ocasio said the family has already had a problem with opening the shelter.

"We found a place, a location that we wanted to do the shelter in," Ocasio said, but the negotiations for the property fell through. So, now, the family is back at square one with finding somewhere to temporarily house children in need. 

"We're back in the process of trying to find a location."

Despite that setback, Ocasio said he thinks the shelter will open in six months.

"We have the good days and we have the bad days but it's something that we are called to do," he said.

If everything goes to plan, the shelter will open in March 2017.

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