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Mechanics claim premium fuel is not necessary for luxury cars

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According to the American Automobile Association, drivers are spending unnecessary money each year on premium gas and local mechanics in Central Texas agree.

Ray Constacio, owner of Ray's Certified Mechanics, said for people who drive luxury cars the type of fuel they use rarely makes a difference.

"For a premium cars like Mercedes and BMW, you don't have to have premium gas.There are some chemicals that are different in the gasoline, one has more octane than the other," said Constacio.

Premium is the one with more octane and that's usually recommended for higher quality cars, but that doesn't mean you have to use it.

Constacio said regular fuel, which has less octane, still gets you from point A to point B and it won't ruin your car.

However, one luxury car driver disagreed.

Lyshell Rivers, a luxury car owner, said regular and mid-grade gas caused problems for her car. 

"Using the 87 or 89 gas, tends to mess up my injectors and the throttle body, so I use 93 to keep mines clean. I use premium and that's what I will always use", said Rivers.

Mechanics said no matter what kind of gas drivers use they should never forget about the oil because that will help maintain the the quality and performance of their vehicles.

For luxury car drivers that means using a high grade synthetic oil to maintain the quality.

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