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Parents are suing a school district after saying the lunch lady poisoned their son's food

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Two local parents are suing Mullin Independent School District after they said a staff member poisoned their son's food.  

According to parents, this series of incidents began at a school volleyball game, after a staff member was accused of bullying Serena Spivey’s son.

Spivey said when she tried to confront the staff member, that’s when a fight broke out.

“After I had started the conversation she had punched me and then her daughter from the side punched me and then her sister from behind kicked me while holding a baby” said Spivey.

The Mills County Sheriff’s office said this brawl ended with multiple people being arrested from both parties.

Serena Spivey claims since then the problems have continued.

The parents claim the lunch lady, “Ms. Day,” makes constant threats to poison the child’s food when they eat at school.

The father, Gary Spivey, said Friday morning their son suddenly got sick, after eating at the school.

"My son comes up here and eats and 30 to 45 minutes later, he can't hardly walk throwing up, diarrhea", said Gary.

The family is now filing charges against Mullin ISD in hopes that staff member will be fired.

“I don’t think its right for the lady that punched me to still be working up here around the kids”, said Spivey.

According to school officials, that staff member has been employed with the district about nine years in good standing. Therefore, they didn’t want to fire her, but there were strict guidelines she would have to follow in order to remain employed. One of the guidelines was to stay away from the Spivey family.

Mullin ISD's superintendent said they were made aware of the allegation concerning that staff member possibly poisoning a student’s food. \

The district is currently investigating that incident. 

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