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Lite-Up Texas program ends for low-income families

(Source: MGN Online) (Source: MGN Online)

For years, Lite-Up Texas has helped keep the lights on for thousands of low-income families.

According to the Public Utility Commission, as of August 31, the program ran out of money and therefore could no longer offer assistance.

"There are already families that are maxed out and struggling and so this is kind of just another hit to them really. It's just really unfortunate,” said Jennifer Caballero, the Director of Social Services with the Salvation Army of Waco. 

Since Lite-Up Texas is no longer able to help, other organizations are stepping in to help.

"People come in. They're all in need, you know, to where someone may say 'that bill is easy to pay.' But when your on a fixed income, that bill is really tremendous for some people," said Tina Gaston, the Director of Community Programming for the Economic Opportunities Advancement Corporation (EOAC).

The EOAC helps more than 1,300 people with their energy bills each month. The Salvation Army helps at least 2,100 TXU Energy customers in McLennan County per year. 

"Without this program in place to offset that for some of our vulnerable and our most lower income families, you know, that's just going to make that need even greater than what it already is," said Caballero. 

The EOAC receives a certain amount of funding each year that they use to help families. With Lite-Up Texas ending, other agencies, like the EOAC, are expecting to see an increase in the amount of people who receive financial assistance.

"We're looking at increasing at least 25 percent or more. But we can only go up to what we have in funding. Once the funding is gone, it's gone," said Gaston.

Both the EOAC and the Salvation Army are accepting donations if you would like to help families with their electricity bills. 

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