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Central Texans come together to fight substance abuse

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The Voices for Recovery Luncheon is hosted by the Cenikor Foundation.

Cenikor boasts it is a non-profit that is committed to helping people with substance abuse, and one person said that has been the case for him. 

Daniel Reyes and Diane Rakestraw both spoke against substance abuse, and stood up for the people who fight it, at the Voices for Recovery Luncheon.

Although both Reyes and Rakestraw spoke about how important it is for addicts to turn their lives around, Reyes knows from first-hand experience how important getting sober really is.

"Drugs was my past life," Reyes said. "Today, I’m a new creation."

"At the age of ten years old I started smoking weed, at the age of 13 I started drinking alcohol, popping pills and all that sort of stuff. By the age of 16, I started doing cocaine and when I was 17, I smoked my first crack rock," Reyes said. "It wasn’t until two and a half years ago that I got sick and tired of being sick and tired." 

Reyes said he went to Cenikor for help. That's where Rakestraw works as a nurse manager. 

"I have a passion for it," Rakestraw said. She said she starts each day with the same philosophy, "We’re gonna have a great day. We’re gonna save a life today." 

Rakeshaw said sometimes helping people get clean is hard, but she keeps fighting each day. 

"You can have some tough days, some challenging days, but to me the end result is all worth it," she said. 

And Reyes is proof that fighting makes it worth it.

"I no longer call myself an addict. I call myself a child of God because i have been delivered from addiction completely," he said.

Awards were given out at the luncheon, and a raffle was also held. Cenikor said they throw the luncheon each year in celebration of National Recovery Month.

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