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Shooting victim shares story of survival

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Just weeks ago, a fight at an apartment complex turned in to a night one woman will never forget. 

"I was shot three times -- twice in my spine and once in my side," April Saddler, victim of a shooting, said. "I thought I was gonna die."

Don Booker took his wife and kids over the Trentwood Apartments on the night the shooting happened. He said people started firing guns out of no where.

"I remember shots, and then a few more shots came through, and then a lot more shots came through," Booker said. 

He said he drove his wife to the hospital after she got shot, but his wife has not been the same since that night.

"She can’t work, she can’t move like she needs [and] to her personality has changed a lot. I don't cry in front of her... but it has changed her a lot," Booker said. 

Although Saddler admits her personality has changed, she said that the most difficult part is how much the shooting has impacted her body. 

"It hurts. I can’t work, I can’t do anything for my kids," she said. "I’m usually working everyday, having 2-3 jobs. Everybody knows that I work," she added.

With Saddler unable to work – and Booker on disability – this shooting is even impacting their kids

"My kids weren’t able to go to school," Booker said that's because they did not have money for back to school supplies. "She didn’t have money, and I don’t get my check until the first [of the month] and the third [of the month]."

But the family said no matter what, they’re determined to make it through this tough time together

"My husband, my kids, we’re all we got," Saddler said. "I’m just happy to still be here."

An official with the Waco Police Department said Nathaniel James Hailey has been arrested for the shooting. 

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