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Health District partners with women's clinics to fight Zika virus

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Health experts say most people who catch the zika virus will not have any symptoms, and that can be bad news for an expecting mother who may have been exposed to the virus. Especially since it can cause the birth defect microcephanly – which causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads.

That's why the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator of the McLennan County Health District says the district is focusing on pregnant women. 

"When the pregnant population is at risk for something of course we want to focus on those ladies," Alvey said. "There’s a lot of different information floating around about Zika... as public health our mission and our goal is to protect the population’s health"

The health district is partnering with local women's clinics to give out "Zika kits." The kits are given out at clinics, and and come with mosquito repellant wipes, and fact sheets.

Care Net's Vice President of Leadership and Development, Stella Turrubiartez said the kits definitely come in handy. 

"In the counseling room they ask questions pertaining to the virus, and it's good to have something we can give them," she said. "It helps give them peace of mind because I think they’re more fearful because of the unknown."

Alvey said more than 850 Zika kits have been given to women’s clinics so far. She said the district plans to continue to give the kits out as long as necessary.

"This is just a good avenue to provide them information and have somebody that could maybe help explain it to them as well," Alvey said. 

Turrubiartez said Care Net plans to use the Zika kits to give pregnant women the information and support they need. "We have a responsibility as a service to pregnant women to help them understand the risk that is out there."

The Health District plans on giving out around 700 kits to clinics each month. 

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