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Police chief said proactive training protects officers

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Many police departments all over the country are changing their officer safety policies following the police ambush attacks in Baton Rogue and Dallas. 

Chief Fred Churchill said  that's not the case with the Morgan's Point Resort P.D. "In the case that something tragic like what happened in these other communities happens here I feel that we’re prepared for it," Churchill said. 

The chief said that's because police safety must is a proactive—not reactive. 

Churchill said he constantly has his officers in some kind of training to make sure they’re ready when they hit the streets. "Complacency in law enforcement can become very dangerous and hazardous to their health... training has been a very crucial part in police officer safety."

Veteran Morgan’s Point Resort police officer Gus McMillian swears by the training he’s gained over the years. "My training here at this department, my training at the academy, provides me all the protection and the know how that I need to do it."

Mcmillian said  his safety is not only contingent on what he has learned on the force—but also on how he interacts with everyday people. "I have been trained on how to deal with people, how to respect people to begin with."

Churchill said six of his officers will attend a training session in Georgetown, soon. 

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