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Central Texas delegate witnesses RNC opening day madness

(Source: @rachelchupik via Twitter) (Source: @rachelchupik via Twitter)

A central Texas GOP delegate was in the mist as chaos broke out on the RNC floor. 

Attendees at this year convention quickly picked sides. Some chanted "we want Trump," while a group backing Senator Ted Cruz countered with, "roll call vote." With the GOP clearly not unified -- a voice vote to decide whether or not to change the rules on how the red party's nominee could be chosen began.

Two voice votes were taken, and those in favor of leaving the convention rules in place won.

But first-time delegate Rachel Chupik, who represents central Texas, said  a voice vote was not the way to go. “Basically, you couldn't tell if there were more aye's or more nay's, and so that's why we were really pushing for a roll call vote,” she said. 

Chupik said some people in the crowd started booing, and others started chanting "roll call vote," after both voice votes decided to keep the RNC just like it is. Although the central Texas delegate thinks the voting outcome did not make senses, she said is still enjoying being a part of her first RNC.

“It has been very exciting it has been a great opportunity to try to be a part and to try to have a voice.”

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